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If you have ever heard the saying, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite?" National Pestmobiles can take care of these pesky pests so that you can rest peacefully without being disturbed by them.

You may be asking yourself, "What are bedbugs, where do they come from and how can I get rid of them? This page has been designed to inform you and provide options for eradication of your bedbug problem. If you have questions just let us know. National Pestmobiles can be contacted at 214-341-1498.

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that feed on sleeping humans while you sleep at night.

Until recently, bed bug infestations were typically found in crowded housing environments. However, bed bugs have now found their home in some of the finest hotels and homes nationwide.

They are oval, wingless, about 1/5 inch long, and rusty red or mahogany. Their bodies are flattened, they have well-developed antennae, their compound eyes are small, and the area behind the head and have many small hairs. Baby bed bugs are identical to the adults except for their smaller size (1/20 –1/5 inch), thinner outer skeleton (cuticle), and lighter yellowish-white color.

Bed Bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can move from place to place easily. For example, from that used piece of furniture you picked up at a garage sale to the rest of your house. Once bed bugs get inside your home, they begin multiplying; one female bed bug will lay one to five eggs a day, or an average of 120 eggs in its life. Upon hatching, baby bedbugs or nymphs, will reach adulthood in three weeks, seeking out blood meals – from you and your family, while you are sleeping.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Usually common hiding places for bedbugs include an area not more than 6 feet from your sleep space. These include along mattress seams and tufts; beneath covers; in wood joints of box springs; in cracks and joints of bed frames; behind baseboards and headboards; under loose wallpaper; behind picture frames; and inside furniture, appliances, electronics and upholstery. Bed bugs will harbor in materials made of wood, paper, or fabric.

Don't worry, National Pestmobiles has your solution!

We have a highly trained team of technicians who are armed with the knowledge, skill, tools, and determination to effectively remove bed bugs. We begin with a meticulous inspection and look everywhere that bed bugs might be lurking. Once we find bed bugs or evidence of their activity we immediately will solve the problem so that you can sleep soundly again.

National Pestmobiles Offers a Variety of Bedbug Treatment Options:

Conventional Pest Control

Sometimes the most effective bedbug control can be achieved by utilizing special chemicals that will have long-lasting effect. These products may come in the form of applied liquids or dusts, and will be used with you and your family kept foremost in mind.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services Dallas Fort Worth Texas


If you prefer to have their home monitored for bed bug activity on a regular basis National Pestmobiles offers an inspection service in which we will routinely come out and inspect your residence so that any bed bug activity is caught and treated before it can develop into a serious infestation.

Any of these treatment options can be used independently, or in combination with each other. Please keep in mind that any bed bug treatment is a partnership between you and your National Pestmobiles specialist.

We will provide you with a detailed set of instructions that must be followed rigorously, so that our treatment program achieves maximum effectiveness. These instructions will need to be completed before treatment can begin. Once treatment is concluded, you will be informed about all the things you must do to keep bed bugs from re-infesting your home.

When you call National Pestmobiles to tackle your bed bug problem, know that you are getting the best. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don't hesitate to call National Pestmobiles at 214-341-1498. For your convenience, you can request services from this website.

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