Different Kinds of Pest That Can Infest Your Property


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that feed on sleeping humans while you sleep at night.

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Black Widow Spider

The B/W is one of the easiest spiders to identify; its black body in sharp contrast to the red hour glass on the underside of its abdomen.

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Brown Recluse Spider

In milder seasons, the brown recluse can live outdoors under stones, firewood and loose bark where it constructs a small irregular web. In the winter, it spins a silken tube or cocoon like web to protect itself from the cold.

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Carpenter ants

The carpenter ants in North Texas are red and black, but the male swarmers (with or without wings) are solid black. Worker ants are two sizes; minors measuring 1/4 in. and majors measuring 1/2 in.

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Ear Wig

These insects are called occasional invaders. They live outside your home in bark mulches and ground covers.When outdoor conditions are too wet, or too dry, or any number of other reasons that will cause them to migrate, they become your unwanted guests.

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Fire Ants

Their mounds contain up to 100,000 ants and have many queens. Each mound has tunnels under the surface running down to about five feet. The mounds can be constructed in the open or under things like landscape timbers, sidewalks or foundations.

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This insect has a complete metamorphose, i.e., adults lay eggs which hatch into a larvae, which builds a cocoon around itself (pupae). The adult flea emerges from the pupae to start the cycle over again.

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Fruit Fly

Adults have red eyes and yellow-brown bodies. Life cycle from egg to adult is approximately 10 days. Eggs are laid near or on top of fermenting materials, such as decaying fruit and vegetable matter.

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German Roach

Identified by two black "corporal stripes" behind its head. Adults reach a maximum length of 5/8 in. Instars (juveniles) have different body shapes and bear little resemblance to the adults.

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House Fly

This species is always found in association with humans or activities of humans. This is the most common species found on hog and poultry farms, horse stables, and ranches.

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These small creatures (less than one ounce) live in fields and are jealous of your life style. They'll most commonly use the spaces around your garage door as an entry to move in with you.

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These insects are called occasional invaders. They live outside your home in bark mulches and ground covers.

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These insects are called occasional invaders. They live outside your home in bark mulches and ground covers.

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Like all True Flies, they have two wings, but unlike other flies, their wings have scales and their mouthparts (in female mosquitoes) form a long piercing-sucking proboscis.

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Indianmeal Moth

The Indianmeal moth was named by an early American entomologist who found it feeding on cornmeal (Indian meal).

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Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are small, yellow/red ants about 1/16" in length. Nests are found in wall voids, behind baseboards, inside refrigerator insulation, shower rods, electrical boxes, etc.

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Roof Rat

A sleek and graceful rodent that weighs five to nine ounces.The body is six to eight inches long and the tail is another seven to ten inches.

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Silverfish can be found almost anywhere throughout the house. They tend to roam quite some distance while searching for food, but once they find a satisfactory food source, they remain close to it.

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Smokey Brown Roach

This roach, which is called a "water bug" by many locals or a "tree roach" by people who live in Highland Park is really a cockroach of major proportions.

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Subterranean Termite

Subterranean termites are the most destructive insect pests of wood in the United States.

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Physical contact is the only method of transportation for ticks. Ticks do not jump or fly, although they may drop from their perch and fall onto a host.

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The webworm, Hyphantria cunea (Drury), is a common pest of trees.

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